I started with my Ford Anglia in 1999. The engin was a pinto with four cylinders. Not to good.

2000 was better. The gearbox was broken from time to time. After that I changed to Chrysler 833 gearbox. My new suspension was a Chrysler 8/¾.

I was ranked second in Nordic i Pro-Tech 2001.

For the season 2002 I had a new engin it was a 2,3cc.
In Tullinge, Sweden i drow my first ten second run. As best 10,91 sec. in the final. 
In the final in Landskrona, Sweden the gold was mine. I won on better reaction.

We made a brand new chassi 2003 with smallblock "Chevi" and PG-gearbox. I had som help from Torbjörn Nösdahl, Stefan Persson, BEMEK Staffanstorp and Nils Olofsson. I drove my first run in Mantorp Veidec. The time was 9,906 qualification rank four. Dam good.
The best time that year was in Landskrona, Sweden with my 358 engin was 9,46/sec, 60 foot, 1,30.